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Our mission is to source, roast and serve the best coffee we can with uncompromising quality. It means more than craft and passion. We never stop challenging ourselves to produce coffee that is distinct, while constantly seeking improvement in all that we do. We approach coffee modestly as students rather than as masters. That’s not to say we don’t know what we are doing, often applying knowledge to information and then experimenting. Using strict standards we source the best small-lot seasonal coffees we can find; we’re not afraid to buy coffees that question norms. Each coffee is uniquely developed to show intrinsic characteristics of the fruit during roast. Mistakes are made along the way, but we learn from them and in the end we always find pleasure in the cup. We then test each batch for quality using both traditional skills and contemporary tools.Through these methods we’ve created something unique. We don’t think of Anthology as being “craft coffee”, or specialty coffee, or third wave . . . we really don’t like boxes or definitions and would prefer that people experience our coffees and our cafe space for themselves, and realize that all the different aspects that go into making our coffee what it is are designed to keep us forward-moving, relevant, and above all always representing each coffee in the way that best uniquely fits it. Perfection is not something we think is achievable, or should be – that would cause a plateau effect, stagnation of methods, and lead to a cookie cutter roasting approach in which individual coffees would no longer be showcased for their unique qualities.


Monday – Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday, Sunday 9am-4pm


1401 Vermont St
Detroit 48216